At the Military parade on the occasion of the Liberation Day of Novi Sad in World War II, held on Saturday, October 22, perhaps the biggest interest was caused by the self-contained PVO system "terminator", which the public had the opportunity to see for the first time.



The universal gun "bofors" of 40mm Swedish production and a double launcher for anti-aircraft missiles of Russian production are installed on the chassis of the FAP 2026 truck. The “Zastava trucks” company produced the shielded cabin, and the gun and PVO missiles were integrated by "Prva petoletka" from Trstenik, "Technical repair institute Cacak" and VTI.


"Terminator" iz Srboauta


The final integration of the entire system and the production of hydraulics was carried out in just 10 days in the production halls of Srboauto.

The military parade started with the salvo from the Petrovaradin Fortress. Fighting vehicles were passing through the quay from Varadin bridge to Zezelj Bridge, and the parade was enriched with the demonstrational army aircraft flights, the Guard parade, the sailing of the SAF Riverine, as well as the demonstration of the anti-terrorist descent of the SAF Special Brigade.

The parade was attended by state officials, provincial and city officials and numerous citizens. The commander of the Novi Sad garrison Brigadier General Zeljko Petrovic said that the citizens of Novi Sad and their guests were able to see a part of the operational capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces, and that in the motorized echelon, new or modernized assets were show cased.


Fotografije sa Vojne parade povodom Dana oslobođenja Novog Sada

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